UNSW Built Environment Event: REBUILD – UNSW Interior Architecture Graduation Exhibition

1 12 2009

“The constant reminder in the media regarding the global recession has resulted in every industry, including our own, struggling to redefine themselves in attempts to come up with new and exciting ways to revive the slowing markets. However, one need not try to reinvent the wheel, when it has already been done before.

Here at the University we believe the solution is simple. Let’s take a moment to remember the skills we have at our disposal, the resources which are available to us, and the responsibility of our actions.

REBUILD: our creative, innovative and educational response to a changing environment.”


12 months in the making, REBUILD: UNSW Interior Architecture Graduation Exhibition 2009 was officially opened on Tuesday, 24 November 2009 at the basement level of Kings Cross Carpark. Yes, it was held at a car park. Striving to be innovative, the Grad Show Committee (consisting of 11 graduating students) organised what became ‘a professional and edgy event and exhibition’ (quote from Kirsty Máté, Head of Interior Architecture Program).

The night was very successful with approximately 500-600 people meandering through 38 final graduation projects ranging from hotels, bars, theatre, forensic center and even a fire station! Congratulations to each and every student for producing an amazing range of work with high sophistication and detail. A huge thank you to all the academic staff, without whom all these work wouldn’t have been possible.

Again, Congratulations to the graduating students! Good luck, keep safe, live long and prosper! And remember – it is only the beginning.

If you missed the exhibition, feel free to log on to our website: www.rebuild09.com for a complete list of students profile and their works.

Dean Alec Tzannes, Kirsty Mate (Head of Interior Arch program) and the IA Committee




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