UNSW Built Environment Event: berth – Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Graduation Exhibition

30 11 2009

The Berth exhibition showcased the work produced for the Graduating Studio by the 2009 Bachelor of Landscape Architecture graduating class. It was held on the 6th of November, 2009, and included industry professionals, BE staff, students and their family and friends. The exhibition also included the End of Year Review Night in which students from all years display their work from the current semester.

The exhibition displayed the range of skills taught to the students, and the way in which these can be applied to achieve new and innovative design outcomes. The site of White Bay was examined by the 4th year students, and a range of conceptual and theoretical approaches were developed and then applied to the site. The result was a series of design outcomes that addressed site issues, tested pre-conceived design resolutions and developed the existing theoretical body of knowledge to both urban design and local site design.

This exhibition provided an opportunity for viewing the work of the next generation of Landscape Architects that will guide the design of our cities and open spaces.

The night was a huge success due to the Berth Organising Committee, with many thanks to Ben Morrecroft and Jason Packenham for their efforts in organising the night.

Good luck and best wishes to the graduating class of 2009!




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31 05 2010
Landscape maintenance

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