UNSW Built Environment Event: Urban Futures – Planning Graduation Exhibition

26 11 2009

Well! It’s all over!

The collective sigh of the 5th Years was audible last Tuesday as posters went up and hair was let down. As part of the thesis project, each 5th Year had to produce an iconic image that best represented their thesis. These images were then blown up and presented next to each thesis abstract, over which the students, their parents and the academic staff pored and pondered. Although we had grumbled about preparing the iconic images during the intense study environment that was the thesis project, the fruits of our labours were realised in the exhibits and the associated end-of-year booklet. If you haven’t yet grabbed a copy of the ‘Urban Futures’ booklet (how aptly titled), make sure you get your hands on one. It certainly inspired some envious comments at work.

Of course, it wasn’t all about the 5th years. The exhibit included  amazing work from the students in the Urban and Regional Design, Images of Sydney and History, Heritage and the Built Environment electives. Urban Futures was thus a showcase of the talent within the Planning branch of the Built Environment, and I know that all of the students that I spoke were impressed with what they saw. My parents also enjoyed it (and how rare is it to find something that parents and students enjoy?).

Many thanks to the academic staff and administrative support staff for organising and encouraging this event and others like it at UNSW – it feels nice to know we leave with more than just a degree. To all planning students, best of luck in the future! And to the 5th years – we made it!

Alec Tzannes (Dean of Built Environment) and Peter Williams (Head of Planning program)




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