UNSW Built Environment Construction Management & Property: Jess Pascoe

11 11 2009

A whole year is finished and I am feeling full of knowledge I did not know I would have! This second semester has been even better then first. I have settled in with friends which meant that I made even more, and now have a big group of people I am reasonably close to.

My school work has gotten easier in some ways, because I have more of an understanding of what is going on, and harder in others, because it’s harder. This semester I studied Low Rise Residential Construction, Construction and Property Economics, Building Structures and Project Management. I found them all interesting, and enjoyed Structures because it was basically maths so once you got the hang of it (which isn’t always easy) then you could go from there, rather then having to remember a million different bits of information. The only exams I had were for Structures and Low Rise, and I liked the assignment format of Economics and Project Management however sometimes it was more difficult. I am looking forward to my summer, but also to my second year. I’m glad it’s a four not a three year course because I love uni!




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16 02 2011

Hey, I’m starting CM this year and I was wondering if you could give me an idea of how difficult the maths is, in the structures subject you were talking about?

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