UNSW Built Envrironment Planning: Laura Goh

5 11 2009

Hi Everyone,

HURRAH! WE DID IT!  I am pleased to report that uni is over for the Fifth Year Planners, who handed in their final theses on October 23. That same night we had our annual Planning Ball, which this year was held at the Mint. It was a fantastic night and I loved catching up with the Planners from all five years. Everyone looked very glamorous but most of the Fifth Years were looking a bit worse for wear due to a few days of severe sleep deprivation! The last few weeks of this semester were pretty hectic getting everything finished but everyone survived and we partied hard that night!

So what is everyone up to post thesis? Well, apart from catching up on sleep and welcoming the return of our social lives, most of us are just pondering what we are going to do next!!! Some people have jobs lined up, some of us are applying for new jobs, some are contemplating living overseas, a few very dedicated planners are going to begin Masters Courses next semester and we even have a few planners who are planning their upcoming weddings! I have been working as a Student Planner for the last two years but have stated applying for graduate positions now that uni is over! Fingers crossed for an awesome job!

Thank you to everyone who has been following our blogs throughout the year! I would like to invite all of you to Planning’s end of year exhibition ‘Urban Futures’, which will be on 17 November in the Red Centre Gallery at UNSW. Please come along and check out some of the amazing work that UNSW Planning students have been producing this year and most excitingly there will be a display of all the Fifth Year’s thesis abstracts and iconic images! Hurrah!




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