UNSW Built Environment Construction Management & Property: John Ha

4 11 2009

OMG! It’s already over?
I feel old! Well, maybe not THAT old…I am only 21 in December!

But really, semester 2 went so fast!
Risk and Ethics went really better than I expected! The teams worked together and we pulled through!

Construction Techniques was a walk in the park, and I have learned about many more interesting and challenging construction methods that are available to us in the industry!
By staying focused and working week-by-wee, I was able to keep up and complete my assessments and work.  It definitely helped in the long run! I didn’t have to do late nighters every night the week before assessments were due!

Project X3 is in its final stages… with nearly 88% of the timber components complete, and nearly half of all required metal work done, we are on schedule to complete the Art Studio out near Broken Hill!
As for me, I am travelling to quite a few places during the break: to Fowler’s Gap, near Broken Hill to help supervise the Construction of Project X3; travelling to Cairns for a quick summer break; and back to Sydney to help in my part-time job supervising campers from South Korea!

In the mean time, I have to complete some general education courses over the summer so that I don’t prolong my degree more than the necessary 4 years… so wish me luck!

BCMP is so much fun, and I suggest that you spread the word about our course.

Anyways…got to work now!




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