UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Daniel Sutherland

4 11 2009

Hey All…

So last post of the year.. Well i’m not graduating this year as I might have mentioned earlier, so at least not the last post ever :).

I’ve been in and around the workshop a bit over the last few weeks and have seen all my fellow 4th years working hard on finalising their models and overall designs – this has made me wish I was doing the same! As much as Uni is great, it would be nice to be done with for the sake of a little bit more freedom. The part time work I mentioned in my last post is the cause for my added year next year.  A decent price to pay I think.

Looking ahead to the holidays – I have two busy weeks coming up working in the laser and printing room down in the Squarehouse to help out with the flood of Architecture projects coming in.

**Note to anybody submitting anything for cutting or printing – Ever**: PLEASE submit your drawings exactly to the specs outlined on the faculty website and include a .jpg and text file to help explain what your doing + draw with CONNECTING TABS wherever possible. If you can do this then you will get your work back faster, of a better quality AND cheaper. The Design Lab @ the Squarehouse workshop is probably the best place to get FDM “3D printing” and laser cutting done anywhere – in terms of customer service and price anyway (i’ve had both done outside of Uni and its basically a case of what you submit is what you get – very little effort is put into understanding your needs, yet you pay a premium and there is generally a minimum cost). To ensure it stays this way at UNSW, you NEED to be following the tips mentioned above – we have a sweet deal going at the moment so lets not spoil it.

O.K so beyond that.. A huge number of days off Uni.. can you believe we’re really only at here for about HALF of the year!? I think it’s important to work on something related to your degree over this break so i’ll be working on jewellery and my thesis. Try to get some of those little projects done during this time that you’ve always wanted to do, as Summer Uni holidays are the last times we will have such an amount of free time (until you retire most likely hah!). If your finding your degree a drag, then you might be surprised that you actually enjoy it when working in that area in your own time and outside of a class / brief.

A studio shot from a recent photo shoot - to be used in an upcoming jewellery catalog

Good luck to those graduating this year – Industrial Design Students in particular! Best of luck with your chosen careers and make the most of the break. I hope to bump into some of you in the professional world in the future so as I can hit you up for favors (you’re welcome to do the same so don’t be strangers 🙂 ).

For all other Industrial Designers – get along to the 4th year project presentations coming up soon for an insight into how to do well in your major project – ask Miles P or Andrew F for exact dates and times. Enjoy the Summer Everybody.




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