UNSW Built Environment Interior Architecture: Tara Gunasekera

8 10 2009

Hi everyone!

I’m an international student in my 3rd year of Interior Architecture.

I initially couldn’t make up my mind about which degree I wanted to do. The choices were either…1) mainstream Architecture or… 2) Interior Design, so imagine my surprise when I found a course that perfectly merged the two together!

We’re more than halfway through semester 2 already, and almost at the end of the year. I’ve gotten a lot out of this course so far, greatly improving my communications skills (in terms of visual presentations), my computer skills (we learn to use various programs for 2D and 3D modelling), and most of all my technical skills (apparently we can’t just build things any way we want ).

Last semester we had a group project that involved converting an old jewellery store into a wine bar, and this semester it is an individual studio project to redesign a private apartment residence. So far I am up to the detailing stage, which comes after the sketch design phase that is presented to the clients. Even though the workload has been hectic, I’ve had a lot of fun working on both projects!

You can take a look at some images of design panels from the project I am currently working on (private apartment residence). It will be complete in a few weeks time!

Apartment Interior

Apartment Interior

Apartment Plan and Elevations of the main feature

Apartment Plan and Elevations of the main feature

Bathroom interiors

Bathroom interiors




2 responses

8 10 2009
kusnin tan

Hey, that’s exactly how I felt; architecture or Interior Design….till I found Interior Architecture here at UNSW.
Good luck & have fun 😀

23 10 2009
Benedict Lim

Well done Tara!! Congrats!

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