UNSW Built Environment Interior Architecture: Griffen Manan

1 10 2009


Hello All! The last couple of weeks have been very hectic for me because the final year students in the BIA program are now only 4 weeks away from their final presentation!!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs, I am designing a fire station in Surry Hills. I’ve spent the last couple of months planning and designing the architectural gesture of the building and I am currently in the final stages of designing and detailing the interior fit out as well as selecting finishes and furniture. I will be spending the next couple of weeks presenting the final design, which includes both drawings and model making. It’s a very demanding time but at the same time very rewarding because this is the time when the design actually comes to life.

Below are some images from interim presentation we had a while ago when I had to present the design ideas for my fire station. There have been quite a lot of changes since then, so watch out for my next blog to see how the final design turns out!

Surry Hills Fire Station - Interim 01

Surry Hills Fire Station - Interim 02

Surry Hills Fire Station - Interim 03

On top of this, I am also a part of the Graduation Exhibition Committee for the BIA program. I have been highly involved in the graphics department, designing all the graphics materials for this exhibition. Other than that, things are going well to date, with each of the teams involved in the committee working well to raise funds and secure a location for the exhibition. On that note, we’ve just held a function to raise funds for the exhibition and the night was a huge success!! We raised over $4000 through silent auctions, raffles and a special LEGO Model Furniture making competition (below are some photos from the function and click here for more).

Finally, I would also like to extend an invitation to all of you to come along to REBUILD: UNSW Interior Architecture Graduation Exhibition 2009. It will be held on Tuesday, 24 November at Level G – Kings Cross Carpark. So make sure you are free on that date and come along to view the final projects of the graduating students from the BIA program!







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