UNSW Built Environment Architectural Computing: David Butterworth

17 09 2009

Hey all,

Second year, second semester… The end is in sight, but still a fair way to go before my grad project at the end of next year. I’m happy to say that all my classes seem to be quite good. I’m especially keen for my first ever University elective, which the Arch Comp guys are pretty happy to see, I chose Design Modelling- Time Based with Jeremy Harkins. I took a bit of a stab in the dark in terms of choosing the elective because I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d be in for. After my first tutorial, it appears that the course is mainly 3Ds Max, which I am really excited for and hopefully I can build on my skills from 1st year. Other electives chosen by Arch Comp students were Advanced BIM (building information modelling) and Advance Multimedia… (and others).

After first semester with the Arch Studies students, we have broken off and gone our separate paths.  We are doing a Computation Studio, which is the equivalent to the architectural studies design studio (or so I am told ?!). We are currently looking at Shape Grammars, learning to script with Java*sigh*, and processing.

My other subjects include Structures and Construction and Design Information Management, both seem fairly beneficial and interesting. I’ve included some images from last semester that I submitted which you may not have seen yet… I was very happy with my results (though my WAM has dropped 1 point). Stay posted for more….



New skin

New skin

Stadium interior

Stadium interior




One response

22 02 2011

I would like to discuss opportunity to work with students on some projects .
Can you please let me know if you are keen to assist.
Please send me an email.
Great work

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