UNSW Built Environment Architectural Studies: Angus Hardwick

31 08 2009

Semester two is well and truly underway and what a ripper of a semester it will be. The break was fantastic after a hectic semester. In brief my two exams went well enough and my design experiment proved to be a success.
Image 1
Image 2Design studio in second semester is completely different to this work. It’s the exact opposite. Real site (in Woolloomooloo), real materials and shapes (only brick and orthogonal shapes) and more restrictions (how much land can be built on, the gradient of the slope). The task is to design a studio for yourself and to situate the building in the surrounds, dealing with the public private relationship and how each group interacts with each other. My brain is constantly thinking about the possibilities, can’t wait to see my finished product.

Architectural Communications as a subject has proven to be a change to get back in touch with my ‘art side’ and work on visual communication of ideas. Reading philosophy, studying architecture, spaces and ‘moments’, joining ideas into models made only out of white card, and all in 2hrs is a challenge, and a great one at that. This course is run through four workshops with the student choosing three of the workshops gaining experiences from model making, to animation of spaces, understanding colour and developing drawing skills.

Image 3
At the opposite end of the spectrum to this is Structures and Construction 1. Understanding basic materials, their properties, construction methods, joints and the forces competing against a building is not boring as one may think. It’s fantastic to get the balance between real skills and the developing of concepts and ‘paper ideas’. Bring on the rest of the semester I say!

Image 4




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