UNSW Built Environment Architectural Computing: Derek Georgeson

25 08 2009

Second semester beginnings are always a rush. You’ve just had time to relax from 3 or 4 weeks off when you turn up to your first days of new class, only to find that the professors haven’t had a holiday and are still in full swing, giving you a dozen assessments due before you’ve even had time to work out where all your classes are.
This semester we’re looking into some of the more technical aspects of the building side with a Structures and Construction course which is basically there to stop our ideas getting too imaginative and unreal (as previous works of mine started to get). It’s still pretty interesting though, getting a Structural Engineers perspective on all the crazy schemes architects make (and that architectural computing students envision). Otherwise there’s the ever fun design courses which continue to push my ideas to go further than I’d actually thought through (which at the time just makes me feel fairly uninspired, but when I get home and start thinking about how I can solve the problems my designs get new levels to them).
This course is pretty cool, and knowing that the technology we’re using gets more advanced, innovating and interchangeable every year is nice. Last semester the Building Information Modelling course went really well until we had to try and import our models into other programs for analysis, and in order to do so the models had to be destroyed and turned into simple geometric shapes, thoroughly ruining my aesthetic. Just to my annoyance, 2 months later, the new versions were released with about twice the compatibility, meaning my hard work could have been about half the effort if I’d been doing the course this semester, and probably about one quarter if I did the course next year. Still, that’s the fun of being in the every changing technology industry, and also the reason why this course will take me far, because no one knows these programs like we do!
Well hopefully I’ll see you at the open day and you can bug me for tips on how to get into this course!




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