UNSW Built Environment Interior Architecture: Jeffry Tsang

12 08 2009

One week down, and things are already starting to get pretty hectic for Semester 2.

This semester, I’m only taking one online based elective in addition to my core Graduation project subject, which means less contact hours. However, it also means that I have to organise my outside of uni hours better, to ensure that I don’t leave things until the last minute (which seems to be a habit of mine!). The online course is run by COFA, and looks at the history and study of Art curation in galleries and museums. So far, so good.

The graduation project consists of designing an interior, based on the research that was performed in Project Research, and also supported by the information gathered in the Dissertation subject, both of which was completed in the previous session. My interior is located within a train – the Indian Pacific that runs between Sydney and Perth over 4 days – and will, hopefully, result in a design language that runs through all the carriages, from the contents of each suite to the design of dinner menus. This should be an interesting task to tackle, as I have counted 12 separate carriages that needs to be designed in total.

On top of the study, I am also a part of the Graduation exhibition committee for the Interior Architecture program, which basically means that I am a part of a group of students in the final year of study for BIA, that has to raise the funds, secure a location, design the fit out and deliver an opening night for the exhibition of works of all the graduation projects for each student this year. Things are going well to date, with each of the teams involved in the committee working well and hopefully it will be an exciting event!

It’s going to be a very busy last session of uni for me, but I’ll definitely try to keep you all posted!




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