UNSW Built Environment Planning: Laura Goh

5 08 2009

Hi Everyone! Well it’s already second semester and all the Fifth Years are busily working on their theses (well….that’s what we keep telling everyone! Haha.) If all goes to plan this will be my final semester of uni. Wow it feels strange to think that it was almost five years ago that I started the BPlan degree (at the time I remember thinking to myself…why did I choose such a long degree…will I go crazy halfway through..) but time has really flown!

I am pretty busy at the moment – working three days a week and spending the other days working on my thesis (well in theory anyway!). Everyone has a Thesis Advisor to help give them support and encouragement along the way. Most of the Advisors are lecturers we have had in the past and we were able to nominate who we would like to advise us. At first the idea of writing a thesis seemed really scary, but now that I am getting into the swing of writing the dreaded ‘Big –T’, it doesn’t seem so bad. It is actually kind of nice to have the chance to research a topic that you are passionate about, and explore issues that interest you.

My thesis is due 23 October, which happens to be the same day as the annual Planning Ball. Here is my plan for the day: Step 1 – hand in thesis. Step 2 – get frocked up and then Step 3 – off to the ball. I am sure some of us will be rather tired on the night! The Planning Ball is always a fantastic event, where everyone gets to mingle with people from other years, in a fab location, with delicious food and lots of drinks. This year’s ball will be even more special for those of us in Fifth Year – as the night will mark our last day of uni.

Looking into the future – post-thesis (can you tell we have become a bit obsessed with this final assignment??) I don’t really know quite what I want to do next year…maybe travel or live overseas, try a new planning job or go on to post-graduate study…too many options! There are so many different areas of planning that I want to explore but I don’t know where to start! But first things first – I am going to enjoy this summer with a nice long holiday and then I will come back and decide what I want to do in the ‘real world’…wish me luck!




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