UNSW Built Environment Construction Management & Property: Jess Pascoe

25 06 2009

Uni so far is great. The friends that I have made have been amazing, and I have had a real chance to get to know them. I am lucky to only have 100 people in my course so its not too overwhelming to meet people however there are still plenty of people to meet.

I have had several assessments due lately, taking a pretty cruisy start to a whole other level. Comparatively at least, I know I still am lucky compared to the Architecture kids! Exams are also coming up soon, which should be reasonably easy to handle with the two weeks I have to study as our exams are in the last few days. The work has been getting more enjoyable as I get my head around it a bit more. To start with I had no idea what anyone was talking about however now I can nod my head in understanding with what the lecturer is saying and only sometimes be faking it.

All in all the weeks since my first blog have been great, not only do I have good friends who are lots of fun but the work is for the most part interesting and enjoyable. I am definitely looking forward to the holidays but at the same time I’m sure I’ll be excited to get back!




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