UNSW Built Environment Interior Architecture: Jessica Ball

10 06 2009

Interior Architecture Design Studio 5 – INTA2301

Design Brief: After we as a group designed a wine bar/eatery in 6-8 Bulletin Place, Sydney, we were asked to choose one area/element of interest – either the stair, bar or WC amenities and detail it.  Detailing focuses on materiality and structural components as well as incorporating our group’s design intention/concept.

My approach: to design a light, elegant and slightly industrial stair incorporating the idea of a layering of history through the use of materiality and composition as well as playing with transparencies and emphasizing the verticality of the space in which it ascends.

The stair is constructed of a prefabricated folded steel element powdercoated in black with perforated risers. The perforations in the risers create a variety of views and transparencies through the stair from different angles in the wine bar and bring an element of delicateness. On site this stair is spot welded to two central parallel stringers which are made of stainless steel with a black polished mirror finish. These stringers are bolted to the ground floor (fixing concealed underneath the Corian floor tiles as shown in detail A) and run into and bolted to the existing external brick walls (also concealed by a white colourback glass screen which proud of the external walls (shown in section A).

On site treads made of ‘Arctic White’ Corian are fixed above the black steel stair and backlit with LED strip lighting (shown in detail B) to create a soft glow. The stair is enclosed by a laser cut black steel screen whose pattern has been taken from an early Victorian lace. This incorporates the idea of a layering of history through the use of an old material (the lace) being used in a contemporary way (laser cut steel technique). This screen wraps the entire stair and is bracket fixed and concealed behind the mirrored ceiling finish above on level 2.

The stair sits in a three story void backed by a large wall made of white leather stretched over timber framed panels. The balustrade/handrail has been recessed into this wall and pre-molded from a large piece of ‘Arctic White’ Corian. Inlite’s T5 Flourescent batten lighting has also been inserted into this recess and runs alongside the handrail to create a warm glow within, similar to the stair treads (shown in detail C).




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19 07 2009
Jennifer freshwater

Hi – I would like to chat to Jessica about the handrail design described above.
We are building a house, and I have been trying to describe this type of handrail to my husband and the architect and towork out how to have it constructed. I found your page with some searching. Do you have any information on how you would go about getting this manufactured ? Really interested to explore how we could do this, and then put it into my house design.


29 10 2010
NLP Techniques :

some floor tiles are made of polymers like polycarbonates and epoxy, i think they are much cheaper,*”

4 12 2010
Chair Pads

wine bars are great. my father installed a wine bar in my home and my wife also loved it ;,”

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