UNSW Built Environment Architectural Studies: Angus Hardwick

20 04 2009

G’day, I’m Angus, one of the 160-odd students enrolled in UNSW’s Bachelor of Architectural Studies and one of two Co-op Scholars in my year. Whilst I cannot speak to you with the knowledge of two or three years (or even one year) of Architectural studies background I can tell you about what it’s been like in my first five weeks or so. For starters I am doing four subjects each semester or the equivalent of 24 ‘credit points’. In first semester these are: Design Studio 1, History and Theory 1, Enabling Skills & Environment. I do a design studio each semester of the degree too. I have found that this is a pivotal class as it acts as a melting pot for all my ideas the some of the knowledge I will learn in your other subjects. Already in four weeks we’ve been drawing and designing artists’ studios and textures, and using computers to model our ideas. These are some photos of the computer model I produced in three or four weeks:

Sure university is daunting but in the subject ‘Enabling Skills’ I am learning some basic tools like drawing, referencing and communicating ideas through computer programs such as Photoshop & InDesign. Whilst this may appear boring we’ve been focusing on the Sydney Opera House and had fantastic lectures from people like Eoghan Lewis & Professor Richard Johnson MBE. They have been able to pass onto us fascinating information about the building, its principles and its future. I know look at the structure in a completely new manner.

I mentioned earlier that I was a Co-op scholar. I would encourage you all to apply for this fantastic scholarship.  What this scholarship means is that throughout my bachelor’s degree I will be given the opportunity, in one 10-week placement and two 24-week placements, to apply my knowledge in architecture in the workforce. Specifically I will be working as part of the team for the architectural firm Hassell and the construction company Brookfield Multiplex. These two companies are leaders in their respective fields and in giving scholars this opportunity allow us, and hopefully you as a future scholar, to improve your studies and prepare your mind and architectural skills for the workplace. On top of that we get $15 000 a year tax free, no strings attached. It’s not like a cadetship where you are bound to the company afterwards although 100% of Co-op scholar leavers in 2008 got offered job positions. So again go to the co-op website and apply.  Your career as an architect will be better for it.

Finally I will leave you with this observation. Already in 5 weeks of first year I have had one week where I got 14hrs sleep. I don’t think I’m an unorganized person so a warning: Architecture has a massive work load so be prepared. However what you may find even weirder is that I really enjoyed that week of sleep deprivation. All in all you’re going to love the course!




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29 10 2009

Hi Angus, could you please tell me what UAI you achieved to get the Co-op scholarship. I know its not all about your marks but i’m just curious because i’m going for one too. Thanks

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