UNSW Built Environment Architectural Studies: Vanessa Yu

7 04 2009

My name is Vanessa and I am a 1st year student in the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program.  I am currently undertaking this course on a Co-op Scholarship, meaning that throughout my degree, I have the opportunity to gain real world practical industrial experience at architectural and construction firms.  My first industrial training/placement will take place at the end of this year for a duration of 10 weeks, either at construction company Multiplex, or architectural firm Hassell.  Due to these placements, my course is extended into a 4 yr Bachelor + 2 yr Masters structure instead of the 3+2 year structure.  This year, 2009, is the first year that Architecture is being introduced into the UNSW Co-op program.  As I was quite set on doing this degree, I gave it a try.  Having the privilege to be one of the first scholars of the Architectural Studies Co-op Program is exciting and will undoubtedly be rewarding.

As I am only in first year and have only attended UNSW for four weeks, I still have a long way to discover what this course is really about.  However, during these four weeks, I have produced and submitted quite a few tasks and assignments.  I am beginning to learn some basics of computer modeling, sketching and compositional layout.  Initially, I found this transition from high school to uni quite stressful, as you are no longer spoon fed by teachers, directing you in every possible way.  Consequently, I have learnt that uni is definitely a place where you must learn to be independent and self-motivated.

So why did I choose architecture?  Since primary school, I had always had a strong interest in craft, modeling and hands-on projects.  I guess my passion for architecture had truly developed when I began to study architects and buildings in Year 11 and 12 for my Visual Arts HSC course.

Below is my first work created as part of the Design Studio course assessment.  We were required to use a computer program called Sketchup to design studio spaces for two artists to work in.  Being inspired by the artists and their artworks, I came up with this model.  The top space represents the word “chaotic” whereas the ground studio space represents “suspended.”  Within these four weeks, I had progressed from not knowing the program at all, to fulfilling the assessment criteria and submission requirements.  It was hard work…but fun.




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