UNSW Built Environment Interior Architecture: Emily Cheung

7 04 2009

Hello! My name is Emily and I am a 2nd year student in the Bachelor of Interior Architecture program at the UNSW.

During high school I really enjoyed design-orientated subjects.  Naturally, I chose to do a body of work for Art during Year 12.  Aware of the abusive attitude toward the limited resources we have left on Earth, I chose to focus on the lack of conservation and immense pollution through my artwork. Through my research, I came to understand that the interiors of buildings are where most resources are wasted.  The shocking statistics further influenced me while choosing my preferences for university.

I left high school and started a Bachelor of Design at Raffles College of Design and Commerce, majoring in Interior Design. However, after a year I realised I wanted more to the degree. Seeking a bridge between Architecture and Interior Design I came across the degree available here at UNSW.

Consistency in the course is stressed as the workload is fairly heavy, meaning late nights and sometimes sleepless nights but when the hard work translates beautifully in your design, the outcome is so rewarding! The Faculty is also very flexible as the Red Centre Building and the Square House Design Lab are the only places at the university open 24 hours. A good imagination and rigorous work is really all it takes! The course allows you be creative every single day!

Following my internship at Cyberlab Design, an architectural firm, last year I was asked join the team on a casual basis.  I’ve been really lucky to be exposed to so many commercial projects early in the degree as I understand how technological and theoretical elements are applied in the industry. Here are a few projects that I’ve been involved in:

As I am only in first year and have only attended UNSW for four weeks, I still have a long way to discover what this course is really about.  However, during these four weeks, I have produced and submitted quite a few tasks and assignments.  I am beginning to learn some basics of computer modeling, sketching and compositional layout.  Initially, I found this transition from high school to uni quite stressful, as you are no longer spoon fed by teachers, directing you in every possible way.  Consequently, I have learnt that uni is definitely a place where you must learn to be independent and self-motivated.

So why did I choose architecture?  Since primary school, I had always had a strong interest in craft, modeling and hands-on projects.  I guess my passion for architecture had truly developed when I began to study architects and buildings in Year 11 and 12 for my Visual Arts HSC course.

Below is my first work created as part of the Design Studio course assessment.  We were required to use a computer program called Sketchup to design studio spaces for two artists to work in.  Being inspired by the artists and their artworks, I came up with this model.  The top space represents the word “chaotic” whereas the ground studio space represents “suspended.”  Within these four weeks, I had progressed from not knowing the program at all, to fulfilling the assessment criteria and submission requirements.  It was hard work…but fun




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30 07 2009

Wow, your words truly inspire me to do Architecture. I am really planning on doing this as my career. Hope the best for you!

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