UNSW Built Environment Architectural Computing: David Butterworth

7 04 2009

Hey everyone, my name is David Butterworth, and I’ve just started my 2nd year of the Bachelor of Architectural Computing program.  After the 4 month summer break, I was keen to get back to uni and start class again.  BArchComp is one of the best courses at UNSW, which makes it easy to get ready and excited! (I’m actually serious, even with a 100 UAI I’d still do the same course, and I tell this to everyone!!)

I graduated from Cowra High in 2007 (rural town near Bathurst) and was focused mainly on doing mechanical engineering. After coming along to an open day at the uni I found the UNSW Built Environment stall and checked out all the stuff the BArchComp guys had done in the past. I figured that engineering was too much maths so I decided on BArchComp. After the very first lecture I knew that this was the course for me, a mix between computers, gaming, 3D visualisations and creative designs.

The best part of BArchComp is the fact that from day one, the skills I was learning seemed highly applicable to the industry.  For example, I was working freelance for clients using tools I’d learnt in class after 10 weeks! The lectures are fascinating and interesting as the lectures are always in touch with the latest technology; studying BArchComp really feels like I’m part of the cutting-edge progressions in digital architecture.

Outside of class, I can be found at College on campus which is where the sleeping, eating and socialising gets done.  I just recently got a job in Maroubra at a pizza shop for a little extra cash on the side. The hours of my degree are pretty good – usually only 15-20 contact hours per week – but it’s important to keep up assignment work at home obviously.
The projects I’m currently working on (actually just finished) are:
-Arch Design Studio: balsa wood Model of Venturi’s Mother’s House
-Generative Components research paper on generative form and organic architecture
-Thai House Revit 3D Model (Building Information Modeling)
-Business Report for my COFA design subject (general elective)




2 responses

11 05 2009

Hi m8 I m interested in Architectural Computing and I m curious to know what programs are you using on your pc’s because I just finish a 3d studio max and AutoCAD course and was wondering if that is useful. Thx,in case I ll recive an answer

19 05 2009

Hey there, having done a 3DS studio Max course you’ll be one up on the rest of your year. 3Ds Max is used as the main 3D modeller in our course as well as SketchUp, Revit, Soldiworks and Unreal tournament editor 2004 and 3. Having and understanding in 3D and modelling would be a great kickstart. In 2nd year we are currently doing a Revit course (revit is the new autocad) so, again, you’d be one up on the competition.

hope this helps

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