UNSW Built Environment Construction Management & Property: John Ha

6 04 2009

Hi everybody, John Ha from BCMP!

The Bachelor of Construction Management and Property is a fantastic and flexible course that teaches everything about managing the Built Environment. From Strategic Facilities Management, to Construction Management and Estimating and Bidding for Construction Projects, this course can teach it all.

At first, I just wanted to be a high school dropout and join the Defence Forces. But I have great interest in helping, building and managing large projects. Thus, a little study brought me to UNSW Built Environment’s BCMP program, and I never looked back!

The lectures are taught in groups, and I always have plenty of time to talk with the lecturer if I missed something. The assignments are also nearly always group work, so you’ll never be alone! In fact, you’ll always be with your friends and fellow students throughout your course.

The BCMP course is 4 years long, and you can study part time or full.  A Co-op Scholarship program is also available. You usually study at the start for about 4 days a week, but then later in the course you can nearly drop it to 2 days!

This course can expose you to an industry where true potential, skills, abilities and talents are unleashed!

The Course is recognised by 4 different International organisations, which means there are opportunities to work around the world.

With so much time on my hands, I have been able to join plenty of clubs in UNSW too, but that’s another story!

If you like to manage projects, get your hands dirty and love to be a part of something bigger, then the Bachelor of Construction Management and Property is the course for you!




One response

25 09 2010

Hi John,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m also interested in this course, I’m thinking apply it for this coming February 2010.

Can you tell me how many people in your class?
It sounds great that this course provide more work experience and free time!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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