UNSW Built Environment Interior Architecture: Griffen Manan

6 04 2009

Hello!! My name is Griffen Manan, I am 20 and currently a fourth and final year student in the Bachelor of Interior Architecture program at UNSW.

*Sigh* I can’t believe how quickly time flies! It seems only yesterday that I started this course…

To be honest I wanted to study architecture from the beginning.  I’ve always loved technical graphics courses back in high school.  I think they are called Design and Technology here in Sydney – I am originally from Perth by the way. But, I remember back in year 9, I was looking through the handbooks from universities all over the country to see what’s out there and what’s suitable for me. Then I found out about a fantastic course that merges interior design and architecture. It was a year less than architecture and I thought I should give it a go – if it doesn’t work out I figured I could always transfer to architecture. There are only three universities in Australia that offer this course (i.e. Interior Architecture, not Interior Design) and the reason why I chose UNSW is because it is the first uni to start this course in Australia back in 1993, so I am pretty sure they know what they are teaching! Now that I am in final year, I have no regrets whatsoever in choosing this course, and wouldn’t have chosen a better course to do.

The Bachelor of Interior Architecture course is all about interiors and what you do is a variety of different projects, from residential, commercial, retail, etc throughout the first 3 years of the course. Trust me – you will get to design some really interesting spaces. In my first three years I designed a bus shelter, a florist, a caravan, wine bar, penthouses, bathhouse and I am currently doing a communal laundry!

In final year you get to select your own project, which involves writing a dissertation that relates to your particular subject; finding your own building, site, client and finally writing your own brief!  As for me, I am chose to study the design of a fire station this year and my research topic will cover the evolution of fire stations all over the world.
I am also working at an Architectural/Interior Design company at the moment, and it is a fun industry to work in. So, if you are into design and have attention to detail, especially interior, I would definitely recommend you this course!

Below are some images of a project that I did last year.




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