UNSW Built Environment Construction Management & Property: Jess Pascoe

3 04 2009

My name is Jess and I’m a 1st year in the Bachelor of Construction Management and Property (BCMP) with a Co-Op Scholarship.

I just began the course last month, so I do not have a huge idea of what is going on yet; however I love it already. The main focus now is on construction (principles, materials, etc) which is interesting; however I’m looking forward to digging into the property side of things.

The reason I decided to apply to the course was because I would love to be a property developer some day.  This course seems to be the best option. I have a background in property, and the excitement of having a hand in everything from the construction to the design, leading a team and following through to the final product really excites me.

I was originally enrolled in the Property Economics course at UTS, and had not yet discovered that the Construction and Property course existed at UNSW. I came upon it by accident at a course info night, where I discovered a stall for the Co-op Scholarship Program. Once I determined that there was a perfect course for me, which would also provide me an opportunity for a scholarship, I was hooked.

The process for the scholarship application involved three steps. The first was to submit responses to several questions in a limited amount of characters (character limits were a new thing for me, I was used to word limits!).  I was pleased to discover a few weeks later that I was accepted into the interview stage, where I met with two important figures from the faculty and one from each of my scholarship sponsors. I was thrilled when I received a conditional scholarship (which would be based on my mark) and finally made it through the gate when the UAI results came through. So far the Co-op Scholarship Program has been an awesome experience – only a few weeks in I’ve already been on a weekend away, made friends I know I will value for life, and had a payment!

Despite the busy life at uni I also work as a waitress, and I find that the school keeps me occupied but doesn’t totally run me off my feet as I’ve heard others do. I work two or three shifts a week, which is plenty to keep my cash flow going, and maintain a healthy social life.  I find the balance among work/uni/friends/family is working out perfectly.

I was lucky enough to earn a scholarship, and I found the perfect course, however even without the scholarship, I still would have chosen Construction and Property Management, because the core subjects combined with my electives provide me with the perfect knowledge-base to follow my dream of being a property developer.  The scholarship gives me some great contacts and big head start. I recommend BCMP to anyone, and I would advise then anyone looking for any course should definitely keep a look out for any scholarships that might apply, because, as my younger brother put it, ‘it puts you on the golden road”… whatever that means!




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