UNSW Built Environment Interior Architecture: Jeffry Tsang

3 04 2009

Hi All,

Let me begin my first introducing myself; my name is Jeff and I am currently in the final year of the four-year Bachelor of Interior Architecture Program, generally held at the Red Centre building within the main campus of UNSW. I enrolled in this program after transferring from B Arts at the University of Sydney, which I had been studying during the first year out of high school, and have since come to love the course for its balance of theoretical, artistic and practical challenges.

I originally made the decision to transfer from an Arts degree as I was looking to enter into something which would allow me to develop my creative skills and apply them into a professional setting upon completion. In high school, I studied both Visual Arts and Design & Technology, so a design-oriented path seemed the obvious choice.  I specifically chose Interior Architecture because, at the time, I believed that it could fulfil my artistic desires within a flourishing profession.

As a very general description, Interior Architecture deals with the internal components housed within the structure of any building. Through the first three years, we looked at the historical, technological and theoretical elements of design that play a part in interior architecture, and explore how that information can be synthesised by each individual to enhance the quality of his own unique work. This exploration and development over time is then applied to a major project in fourth year.

At the end of the degree, I hope to work within the field of design, however I think I am still uncertain as to whether or not it will be as an interior architect. I think that this is one of the reasons why I love this degree – its application to design in general. We are taught specific information relative to interior architecture, of course. However, the method by which one applies that knowledge is completely up to the individual. Through the course of the four years, I came to understand and appreciate that there are so many other facets, and, subsequently, roles, that make up the entire profession of interior architecture. Where you want to go, and what you do with that information is up to you.




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