UNSW Built Environment Planning: Queenie Tran

3 04 2009

“Planning…What’s that?”

When answering the inevitable “So, what do you do at uni?” this is the response I most commonly receive.

Hey, my name is Christina and I am 3rd year Bachelor of Planning student.

My interest in the planning profession originally stemmed from my keen interest in geography at school. As well as this I have always had a curiosity about different communities and what shapes them, to become the unique places which they are. I have also been concerned with the planner’s role of looking after the community and being able to see the greater picture, in making sure that everyone in the community has the right to the access of education, transport, green space, health care and facilities and services. Therefore, it was my interest in both the natural environment and the built environment that drew me to planning.

I didn’t immediately know planning was what I wanted to do. I was not like other people at my school that had decided really early on the degree they would apply for. I thought about what I was really passionate about and what I really enjoy- and it became clear that planning was an area which I would like to both study and work in. Since having studied planning for two years my interest in it has broadened. I have been exposed to many different areas of planning such as: Environmental, Heritage, Urban design, Social Planning, Transport Planning and Strategic Planning. Since I have been exposed to these different areas of planning I have been attracted to the planning profession even more so, and I am keen to explore it further. The great thing about the degree is that it allows you to do just that- I am about to embark on my twelve month placement with the NSW Department of Planning.

I chose to study at UNSW  Built Environment as I saw it to be an innovative and progressive faculty which offered interesting courses to study. The faculty gives students a wide range of opportunity to study both within and outside of the faculty, which gives students the opportunity to gain a broad education. I first found out about the faculty from my careers advisor at school and then from there I attended an information day at UNSW, where I spoke to students and lecturers who discussed the Bachelor of Planning degree with me. This sparked my interest in planning as I received very helpful advice from the UNSW representatives- so don’t be afraid to come and talk to the representatives, they really can help you!

If you think you have an interest in the bigger picture, shaping communities, being involved in small intimate classes and working on innovative and engaging tasks, then experience the journey that is the BPlan!




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