UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Sascha Dal Santo

1 04 2009

Hi there!

My name is Sascha, and I am a 3rd year Industrial Design student at UNSW.

I thought I’d start off by telling you a bit about my course, how I got into the whole design craze, and what Industrial Design students actually get up to whilst at Uni!

When I was in Yr.12 at school, I really enjoyed Design and Technology and Business Studies. With undertaking both subjects for my HSC, when the time came to consider university preferences I looked into a course which would combine both of these subject areas. And along came the lovely degree of Industrial Design.

In all honesty, before going to the open day, I had never actually heard of industrial design. But after talking with some current students and the lecturers, I basically decided then and there this was the course for me.

Industrial Design is a real hands-on, creative flowing course, mixed with business and marketing studies, primarily focused on the design and production of industry products – anything from hairdryers to sofas to food packaging.

We undertake a lot of hands-on design work, starting with the brief and initial concept sketches, to the actual making of mock up models and presentation work. Most of this is carried out in our studio classes. Studio is where you let your entire creativity run wild, and really get to express yourself through design. So instead of sitting in a lecture room, copying out sheets and sheets of lecture notes, we get to go into the work shop, use machinery and make models and projects!

We also undertake a number of other subjects related to product design, such as marketing subjects on consumer behaviour and marketing research, and also other design subjects such as ergonomics and sketching classes.

As you can see, Industrial Design is quite diverse in what it offers to students – you get to experience a wide range of different subjects, and most importantly, enjoy it all at the same time.

Through the course, I hope to achieve a wide range of design skills that will (hopefully!) land me in an awesome profession within the world of design. Just like design itself, my actual preference on where I see myself in 10-15 years always changes!

But through the wide range of numerous skills that I have gained – and am still gaining – there are many opportunities that are accessible through the course of Industrial Design.




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