UNSW Built Environment Construction Management & Property: Dav Galea

30 03 2009

David Galea, Bachelor of Construction Management and Property, 3rd Year.

What up? I’m David, 3rd year student in the Bachelor of Construction Management and Property (BCMP) program. I chose the BCMP program at UNSW because it is like no other degree available in Australia – it teaches both construction management and property development to its students within the one course + the UNSW’s strong reputation and constant 5-star ratings in the university guides make it almost impractical for me to go uni anywhere else.

The combination of the two disciplines (construction management and property development) brings together both important professional aspects of the built environment needed to succeed.  This provides me with well-rounded knowledge for my future within the industry.

Working while I study makes the course much more relevant and practical.  I currently work part time for an infrastructure construction management company while I am at uni, and get paid well!!

The most recent project I work on is a $250 million dollar renovation of the Federal and NSW Supreme Courts at Queens Square, Sydney.  The project operates 24/7 with 3 separate shifts per day to complete the work.  At the same time the courts are still in full function daily.  This has given me great experience planning around scheduled and unscheduled milestones.

BCMP graduates need to be practical and have a methodical mindset for problem solving day-to-day issues. The ability to utilise communication skills, construction knowledge, and property astuteness is what makes great BCMP graduates at UNSW.

The Construction and Property Society (CAPS) of UNSW is the program’s student network and is always good for a laugh at the BBQs and bar nights. CAPS allows me to interact with new people in different years of the course, and creates career networks – it’s actually how I got my first job!!




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