UNSW Built Environment Industrial Design: Daniel Sutherland

27 03 2009

My name is Daniel and I’m a 21 year old Bachelor of Industrial Design (BIndDes) student at UNSW in my 4th year of study.

BIndDes teaches, in my opinion, the broadest range of skills of any of the Built Environment courses. Our study branches across Design, Marketing and Engineering along with a strong emphasis on developing practical model making skills. The BIndDes program is a perfect continuation of the Engineering, Design & Technology and Marketing orientated courses offered in the HSC (and similar). I took Industrial Technology of Metal Work, Design and Technology, Engineering, Physics and Advanced Math’s in my final years of high school. BIndDes picks up where these types of subjects left off by interrelating them in a way that makes studying much more enjoyable and understandable.

In all honesty, doing work on this subject at uni has rarely been a chore (there’s no way I could have said this about school work obviously!) and I never expected this to be the case.

I’ve worked on 20-30 interesting product-related projects throughout my time at UNSW and been given the opportunity to see these through to the very end, a few examples are shown here:

This year I’ve started working on the mother of all projects – my “thesis” or major work. Basically I get to spend over a year creating any product I like from start to end – possibly even through to patenting and manufacture.

Engineering students have to do a similar project, and I’ve teamed up with one of my best mates (a Mechatronic Engineer) to make things easier and more interesting.

I’ll keep you posted as to the specifics of this project soon.




One response

30 03 2009
Matthew Smith

Whoa, i always wanted to do Industrial Design after high school, but never made it , good work!

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